Supporting the Mental Health of Veterans and Military Personnel in Wyoming County, PA

As a mental health expert, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges that veterans and military personnel face when it comes to their mental well-being. The stress and trauma of serving in the armed forces can have a lasting impact on one's mental health, and it is crucial that these individuals have access to the support and resources they need.

The Importance of Mental Health Services for Veterans and Military Personnel

Veterans and military personnel are at a higher risk for mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. The experiences they have endured during their service, including combat, multiple deployments, and exposure to traumatic events, can take a toll on their mental health. According to a study by the RAND Corporation, approximately 20% of veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan suffer from PTSD or depression. Additionally, the suicide rate among veterans is significantly higher than the general population.

These statistics highlight the urgent need for mental health services specifically tailored to veterans and military personnel.

The Challenges of Accessing Mental Health Services in Wyoming County, PA

Wyoming County, PA, is a rural area with a population of just over 27,000 people. While this may seem like a small number, there are still many veterans and military personnel living in this county who may be in need of mental health services. One of the main challenges for veterans and military personnel in Wyoming County is the lack of access to mental health services. Many individuals may live far from a VA hospital or clinic, making it difficult to receive care. Additionally, there may be long wait times for appointments or limited resources available. Another barrier to accessing mental health services in Wyoming County is the stigma surrounding mental health.

Many veterans and military personnel may feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek help for their mental health issues, fearing that it will negatively impact their career or relationships.

Specific Programs for Veterans and Military Personnel in Wyoming County

Despite the challenges, there are specific programs and resources available for veterans and military personnel in Wyoming County who are in need of mental health services.

The Wyoming County Veterans Affairs Office

provides assistance to veterans and their families, including connecting them with mental health services. They also offer transportation to VA hospitals and clinics for those who may have difficulty getting there on their own.

The VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinic

in Wilkes-Barre, PA, is the closest VA facility to Wyoming County. This clinic offers a variety of mental health services, including individual and group therapy, medication management, and PTSD treatment programs.

The VA Mobile Vet Center

is a mobile unit that travels to different locations throughout Pennsylvania, providing counseling and outreach services to veterans and their families. This is a great resource for those who may have difficulty traveling to a VA facility.

The Pennsylvania National Guard Military Family Program

offers support and resources to military families, including mental health services.

They provide counseling, education, and referrals to other resources as needed.

Additional Resources for Veterans and Military Personnel

In addition to these specific programs, there are also other resources available for veterans and military personnel in Wyoming County who are struggling with their mental health.

The Veterans Crisis Line

is a 24/7 hotline that provides confidential support to veterans and their loved ones. They can also connect individuals with local resources for ongoing care.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

offers support and education for individuals and families affected by mental illness. They have a local chapter in Scranton, PA, which is about an hour's drive from Wyoming County.

The American Legion

is a veterans' organization that offers a variety of services, including mental health support. They have a post in Tunkhannock, PA, which is located in Wyoming County.


Mental health services for veterans and military personnel are crucial in addressing the unique challenges they face.

While there may be barriers to accessing these services in Wyoming County, there are specific programs and resources available to support these individuals. It is essential that we continue to raise awareness and provide support for our veterans and military personnel who have sacrificed so much for our country.